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Photography: Rotem Lebel

Hi there, I’m Ortal Ben Dayan. Welcome to my world of jewelry and color.

I spent my entire life in the world of fashion and design, mixing styles from different cultures, playing between my Moroccan heritage and Tel Aviv lifestyle.

When I design jewelry, I think mostly about the women I’m creating for. I want to celebrate YOU. I want each special piece of mine to reflect just what a unique, original, powerful and beautiful human being you are. That’s why my jewelry is so colorful – some might say bold but I think there’s something here for every woman – as I want you to get the attention and recognition your personality and features deserve. This is my gift to you, and I give it gladly.


You can find my jewelry in some of the finest shops in Israel, including the Tel Aviv Museum shop, and here on the site. If you like what you see, sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Instagram, or write me if you have any questions. There’s nothing I love more than connecting with new people who connect with the jewelry I make for them.

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